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Philanthropy Lessons: Value Beyond Dollars

by Lou Beccaria, Ph.D., Phoenixville Community Health Foundation June 3rd, 2016

The practice of effective philanthropy involves a team approach no matter how you look at it. On one hand are the philanthropic groups with the financial and other resources (such as board and staff experience, expertise, and time) necessary to make things happen. On the other are the nonprofit, community benefit organizations with the programmatic and service delivery wherewithal to get the job done. One without the other is fruitless.

The nexus of these entities is what makes philanthropy meaningful and effective. This tag-team approach, as I call it, should be at the heart of philanthropy. It is 180 degrees opposite of a much older view of philanthropists holding the power and “graciously and charitably” granting largesse to humble, suppliant grantees.

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Excerpted from philanthrofiles.org

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